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What Are Infographics?

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Infographics are a quick and fun way to learn something new about the specific topic without the need for tons of heavy reading materials. Infographics are tools for information sharing and education. It is a way of taking numbers, spreadsheets and all other kinds of data and turning it into a single page of the easily digestible and attractive graphic.

Utilization Of Infographics

Infographics are suitable to be used when you have complex information that needs to be presented quickly, easily and clearly. Infographics compress all the information elements into a simple and easily understandable kind of information display. Infographics are commonly used to display a message, or to present a vast amount of data in an understandable manner. There are other important reasons that infographics are used for as they can periodically observe the route of parameters, or even analyze the data that will allow you to discover cause and effect relationships.

Types Of Infographics

Infographics are utilized in various and numerous fields like engineering, medicine, government, research and development, corporate sector, etc. Infographics are targeting certain people of specific expertise. Infographics can be categorized into five categories:

  1. Chronological infographics which will explain the event that happened in time.
  2. Cause and effect infographics will explain the relationship between different conceptual and physical stages.
  3. Product infographics can be seen all around us on notice boards at factories, offices, and many other places since they convey a lot of information into a small piece of display.
  4. Directional Infographics which will navigate the readers through the information like symbols, numbers, diagrams, icons, graphs, etc.
  5. Quantitive infographics present the statistical data to the readers in a comfortable and clear-to-read manner.

People nowadays lead busy and fast-paced lives and don’t have the energy or time to read loads of information since it would take them hours or even days. Infographics are here to summarize all of that information into a one-page, easy-to-read display.

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