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Top Motion Graphics Companies in Dubai

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Motion graphic is a hot cake now in the digital marketing industry. Since its introduction in marketing its demand is growing day by day.

As its demand is rising we’re seeing a lot of company is starting to offer motion graphics service. Motion graphics companies based in Dubai are also providing excellent services in the industry.

In this article we will have a look at the top motion graphics companies in Dubai:

  1.  Infographicly

Infographicly is a design agency based in Dubai that provides motion graphic video service.

Some of their other popular services are Infographic Design, Presentation Design, Report Design, Data Visualization, Dashboard Design, etc.

  1. FEEL Production

Feel Production also provides some fantastic design solutions. Feel production offers Video Editing, Corporate Video Shooting, Color Grading, Infographic, Animation, Aerial Photo, and Video Production and so on.

  1. Icon-Ad

Icon-Ad is creative advertising agency based in Dubai which provides several design and advertisement solutions.

Their services include 2D and 3D motion graphics, 3D Development, Branding, Printing, Digital Marketing and much more.

  1. Creative Motion

Creative Motion is a media production house in Dubai. It provides VR and AR design, TV commercial, Infographic design, VFX-Motion, Corporate video production and much more.

  1. Zynosure

Zynosure is a marketing consulting company based in Dubai which provides verities of the design solution. The company offers 2D-3D Motion Graphics, Infographic Design, 3D Animation Services, Explainer Video, Digital Marketing, Web and Mobile Application Development and much more.

  1. Socialize Agency

Socialize Agency provides services in media, creative and technology domain. Socialize Agency provides Video Production, Animation, and Micro Videos, Web Development, Social Media Audit and Training, Media Planning and Busying and much more.

These are the top motion graphics company based in Dubai. Have a look at their website and find which one is perfect for your business needs.

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